Facebook’s teenager-only app hits Android

Photo Credit: Getty Images

After launching for iPhone users a couple of months back, Facebook’s teenager-only “Lifestage” app has come to Android.

Aimed at the high-school goers, the app is a sort of video diary where you answer biographical questions about yourself and share a visual profile of who you are with your school network.

“The app is a clear counter-punch to Snapchat, emphasising quick video clips, filters and emoji,” Engadget.com reported on Thursday.

To fill out the profile, you need to answer questions with short videos — your favorite song, your best friend, that sort of thing.

They are visible to your peers and should be updated regularly, otherwise a poop emoji will appear next to your name, the report said.

Technically, Lifestage only works for those who are 21 and younger and allows users to discover video profiles created by others in the school to learn more about them.

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