Details on the PS4 slim emerge

Let's Play Video Games

Sony is set to formally announce its new gaming system known as the PlayStation Neo at its September 7th event. According to rumor PS4 Slim will be slim and sleek but no official word from Sony addressing this rumor has been received.

Eurogamer was pressurized with legal action after they put up a video review of the new console and therefore had to take it down. Laura K. Dale from the website Let’s Play Video Games uploaded a report on what she claims is the smaller console by Sony she bought off eBay.

If the report turns out to be authentic than this new console will offer improvements over the previous model but we can’t confirm anything until Sony verifies if it actually is the final version it will release. The two major changes made to the PS4 Slim according to this report is the removal of the optical port and letting the new PlayStation controller to transfer data from a USB cable to the console itself.

This would reduce the traveling time for the signals as it take additional milliseconds for them to travel through air if you are using Bluetooth. With the dimensions 264 x 39 x 288mm the new console is thinner in size but other than this all other changes are of ease to the player, according to the report.

The USB ports on the front have been placed at a distance so that there is space for peripherals and the plastic covered port at the back gives you easy access to the SATA hard drive. It seems as if Dale connected the PS4 to a monitor and used it similar to how we use the current PS4.

She apparently got hold of the console a week ago but was waiting for Sony to announce its existence. Failing to receive that confirmation she proceeded to upload the unboxing report and as of yet it hasn’t been removed.

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