PS4 Neo expected to release on September 7th

According to Vice Gaming Sony is all set to unveil its new 4K-capable PS4 Neo on September 7th at an event but the actual release date of the game is unknown at the moment.

The revamped version of the available PS4 will be able to output the maximum resolution that the machine is able to project thanks to the added juice it will have.

So you will be able to enjoy a sharper and better gaming experience with PS4 Neo as it will be able to project 4K images in contrast to the 1080p images the PS4 was projecting.

Even better news is the fact that all the games compatible with the old PS4 will also be compatible with the new PS4 Neo. This compatibility fear was quite real for a lot of customers as both the PS4 consoles will be available for sale at the same time.

It only made sense that Andrew House who is the Interactive Entertainment CEO for Sony to personally assure us that game compatibility will not be an issue.

It seems as if revamping old hardware is quite popular at the moment as there is a revamped version for the old Xbox One also available by the name of Xbox One S.

This new version of the Xbox One only allows 4K resolution for video playbacks and not for the games themselves although there is a promise of a new console which will allow for that as well.

For the time being Microsoft’s Project Scorpio has some competition in the arena of 4K console gaming with PS 4 Neo.

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