Edward Snowden designs new iPhone case which detects unwanted breach attempts

Edward Snowden responsible for leaking a number of NSA documents to the public which led to his exile to Russia isn’t ready to give up his mission as of yet. In his latest venture to ensure privacy of our devices he has joined forces with Andrew “Bunny” Huang to come up with an iPhone case accessory which will be able to detect an attack from unknown parties.

The iPhone case designed by Snowden ensures privacy because all of the features that the case comes with have a direct access to the phone as the case directly plugs into the SIM port in addition to merely holding the SIM card.

The case is designed to provide individuals with protection who think they might be at risk of a breach of privacy from expert hackers. The report from Wired describes the case in the following words “They say it’s an infinitely more trustworthy method of knowing your phone’s radios are off than “airplane mode,” which people have shown can be hacked and spoofed.

Snowden and Huang are hoping to offer strong privacy guarantees to smartphone owners who need to shield their phones from government-funded adversaries with advanced hacking and surveillance capabilities—particularly reporters trying to carry their devices into hostile foreign countries without constantly revealing their locations.”

At this moment the case is still in its early stages and is merely a prototype at the moment so we won’t be seeing it in the market anytime soon. But upon arrival the case will have a very niche market

Source: Wired

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