Poppits Toothpaste Made From Waste Free Pods Dissolves In Mouth

We don’t think a lot about our toothpaste tubes and their impact on the environment. We would realize that they are in need of improvement if we were aware of the amount of time they took to decompose and the amount we throw away at average.

Poppits did think about all these factors and came up with a toothpaste that is packaged in a waste free pods which breaks down in the mouth. The waste free, water soluble pods are made from edible plant derived cellulose and each pod contains a dentist recommended amount of toothpaste required for a single brushing.

The pod has other benefits too such as being more hygienic because it requires no brush to nozzle contact and you can escape the mess made by the conventional tube which is a consequence of the toothpaste that is left on top of the nozzle. The toothpaste contained by the pods is fluoride free and is made using natural ingredients.

There are 90 Poppit pods in one packet and are available in mint flavor for adults while there are three fruity flavors targeted at kids. The company plans on coming up with more flavors and formulas in the future which will include a natural fluoride version.

The crowdfunding campaign for Poppits by Kickstarter is ending and $12 is the lowest pledge that will get you a packet of Poppits. But this depends on the success of the campaign and at this time it seems a little uncertain. If the campaign is able to generate enough funding then shipping is expected to commence from October otherwise Poppits plans on acquiring funding from elsewhere.

Update: This project’s funding goal was not reached

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