Renders Of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 Leaked


Steve Hemmerstoffer @OnLeaks has treated us to two new leaks for the Galaxy Note 7 which give us the best glimpse of the device up till now via uSwitch. The first leak is a short video which apparently showcases the Note 7 in what is believed to be an edge design, with Samsung’s curved screen looking as exquisite as ever.

The second leak is a more in-depth look at the handset via renders based on supposed blueprints. Although it can be noted in the long blog post that we cannot corroborate as to what version is exactly being shown in the leaked images.

Rumors circulating the release of the next Galaxy Note is nothing new so we aren’t surprised to hear what this latest rumor has to say. Apparently the company is going to abandon the Galaxy Note 6 name and skip straight to Note 7. This makes sense as Samsung wants to compact its naming convention in order to reduce confusion about the available generations to the consumers.

The Galaxy s7 is already on sale so it seems reasonable that the new Note is launched with the number 7 attached to it. The inclusion of a USB C port has been solidified with the leak. This means that this is another high profile handset made to jump to the reversible USB format which has struggled to gain traction.

We can’t give a definite date to the release of the Galaxy Note, whatever it may be called but Evan Blass of @evleaks believes it could be a mere two months away. This gives Samsung ample amount to change things up so take these rumors with the pinch of salt. But this doesn’t mean that you should disregard them completely.

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