Pepper the Robot Will Soon Get Android Compatibility

With the collaboration of Softbank and Aldebaran Robotics, the doe-eyed humanoid robot Pepper, will be introduced to more developers soon. Primarily, the Pepper intends to serve more and more technical developers. This week, Softbank at Google I/O publicized that little Pepper is developed on the platform of Android SDK.The Japanese company also plans to develop a pepper-centric outpost in San Francisco by the end of 2016.

In 2014, when the verge’s Sam Byford first met Pepper, he assumed the reactions were quite canned, cold and arctic. Contrary to this, Softbank claims that the responses given by humanoid were emotional, effectual and impressive. It’s predicted that as Pepper is released to more developers, the interactions made with a human would be more complex and multifaceted.

To boost intelligence, Pepper is already integrated with Watson SDK and according to SoftBank’s spokesperson all the RoboApps are prepared on its unique podium. An exclusive Choreographic platform has friendly compatibility with Android-supported Peppers.

Softbank and Aldebaran Robotics say, “The Pepper’s developer models will be presented in the US for pre-sale by July 2016.” Though, the beta version of the Android SDK is feasibly available and accessible in the US electronic market now. The Pepper will set the developers back at $1,800 which translates to JPY 198,000.

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