New iPhone 7 leaks suggest the presence of the hyped “headphone jack”


Apple iPhone 7 leaks have been so humongous that they have become the most anticipated part of the tech world. Unlike many leaks which related to the looks and specifications, the iPhone 7 has had a different type of outlook thanks to the rumors for the presence or absence of the 3.5mm headphone jack in the new phone.

While Apple has been constantly paying attention to looks as well as the specifications to be tough on other rivals, people don’t seem to be much concerned about it this time round. The new leak of a photo by Weibo suggests that the phone shall be having the 3.5 mm headphone jack in it.

The picture clearly shows a lightning cable which is rather different from the iPhone 6S but it is yet not known if those are official parts or not. It could be any local Chinese manufacturer component too.

Though many known experts and analysts have also speculated the absence of the headphone jack and the iOS codebase has also been indicating the same but the image as now created new chaos.

What the reality actually is would surely be unfolded only when the phone finally arrives in the market.

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