Probable Gear S3 leaks with GPS and IconX headset soon to make way

According to Venturebeat, there are two new product lines coming up for Samsung which inlcude the gear fit 2 and the Gear IconX. The Samsung Gear S smartwatches had already experienced many launches when the new update probably the Gear S3 sort as the Samsung Gear Fit smart band features came up, before its official launch.

It is supposed to have a 1.84 inch AMOLED screen which is super curved in an exotic way to fit on one’s wrist better and also to have a built-in GPS for increased performance. This will enable it to be effectively used as a fitness tracker with greater accuracy for activities such as cycling and running etc.

Since it is the next thing to the Gear Circle headset hence the Gear IconX is supposed to be completely wireless without even any ear plug connection which is capable of working on Bluetooth alone. With its 4 GB built-in memory and extra controls, its touch controlled plugs are also dust resistant in addition to being water resistant as well. They come with a charging box which keeps them away from losing them and also increases their battery potential.

It is supposed to be unveiled soon at IFA as the Samsung Gear Fit 2 and Gear IconX though the prices are not known yet but the Gear Fit 2 is speculated to be somewhere around a difference with the previous $200 variant.

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