Samsung Galaxy Note 6 to feature 6 GB RAM

New innovations are continuously being made every day and the open media has made it fairly easy for people to know about the outlooks of things even before they are officially launched. The same is the case with the Samsung Galaxy Note 6.

According to what phoneArena perceives, it is still months to go for the phone to be revealed officially but benchmarks tests have already been perceived. A screenshot has told the story of what the new phone shall turn out to be.

The image (thought to be given by a Samsung employee) has rendered all Samsung fans very excited as they find the 6th generation phone having SM-N930F model number with Exynos 8890 chipset that was previously seen in the s7. However in addition to the strong source from where it comes, it is the revelation of additional features that have been keeping the fans anticipated for its release.

The set is supposed to have 4K experienced 6GB RAM with Quad HD (2560×1440) screen (contained previously in the Note 5 without the 4K tech). The note 6 is also thought of as a larger size (5.77 inches) than its previous flagship which was a 5.7 inch phone.

Though previously leaked screenshots have been quite true but you never know how much truth each newly occurring leak has, for it all depends on the actual release to make way.

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