Android N to have 3D Touch Features


The new Android N by Google definitely has too much to offer to its developers who have been immensely waiting to get their access to the recently revealed second developer preview for the same through their development cycle.

According to Phandroid, it is this one fine 3D Touch-like upgrade by Google shall soon catch fire independent of any one’s views on semi-private beta programs as it is already enjoyed by iPhone 6s and 6s Plus users. Named as ‘Launcher shortcuts’, this is not the first that we have heard of, thanks to Google’s next device, Nexus’ rumors. It is notable here to say that this feature has yet again been an inspiration from Apple’s iOS 9.

For all non iPhone 6 series users, 3D Touch provides access to additional menus and features by firmly pressing the icons or apps. The technology senses the extra added pressure on the icon and hence additional features pop up. Hence such pressure sensitive familiar options are being developed for the Android N at Google.

Thos having Android N at their expense shall be susceptible to making new functionality enhanced YouTube videos. The 3D Touch Quick Actions shall be enabled for the embedded video through a swipe in the Nova Launcher. However there still might be very little doubt if an action such as a swift swipe shall not be recognized by the pressure sensitive screen.

One can never say much about it since many Apple users who already have the Force Touch feature in their Apple Watch are either not much comfortable with it or have not used it yet.

Since the technology is similar to that in the Android N, hence those who are already experiencing it, can play a very decisive role about it.

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