Geohot’s Self-Driving Car Kit Could Arrive By The End Of The Year

The newly born company by George Hotz is ready to elevate itself to new levels through much serious developments. As if Hotz was less in the news for being the first person to hack into the original iPhone through hardware surpass, the genius is on his way to develop an economical retrofit kit.

According to Bloomberg this kit which is soon to be available by the end of this year shall extend unknown capabilities to any vehicle at all. Not to forget that this idea started out as bet with the Tesla Motor’s CEO Elon Musk to whom Hotz promised to give a self driving car kit by this year’s end.

The news was on fire as soon as people came to know that in order to make this thought a reality, Hotz has already gotten enough investors and is now instead working on the plan to deliver the $1,000 kit in promised time.

In addition to the kit being very affordable though having extra ordinary features, the best part is the self installing feature of the kit. This means that almost any person owning a car and having a 1,000 dollar bill in his pocket can easily avail the kit without hiring any professional personnel for the same.

It shall however be very interesting to see what form this intelligent driver would take but Hotz has revealed a joystick fused with a handsome of wires fitted in an Acura ILX. Hence it is also expected that this intelligent driver would also be some sophisticated piece elevating ultimate modesty.

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