Kindle Oasis Leaks Ahead of Unveiling

Amazon plans to unveil the new Kindle Oasis as early as Tuesday. On Monday the new Kindle leaked on Chinese retailer (via TechCrunch). The pages have been removed quickly, but to late for preventing them to spread around the web.

The new Kindle features a very different design, showing Amazon’s drive of innovation. The Oasis has an asymmetrical housing that is aimed at single hand use. Amazon made the Oasis smaller and lighter than the Kindle Voyage. The leaked specifications put the weight of the Oasis to 131g. This is 50g lighter than the Voyage.

Another cool feature is the automatic flip of the display when you change the hand holding the Kindle Oasis. The Oasis measures 3.4mm at its thinnest side and 8.5mm at the thickest side. The Oasis screen has a resolution of 300ppi.

A special case makes the Kindle Oasis look like a traditional eBook reader when inside the flip-book style case.

Just when I thought eBook readers have reached the end of the innovation cycle, Amazon leaps all other ebook readers on the market with a daring new design that sounds like to make reading a whole lot more convenient. See all Leaked Kindle Oasis Images

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